Once upon a long time ago people would ask “what do you want to be when you’re a big girl?’  ‘I don’t know I said, I’m only five!’  My talents at that time were singing, in front of anyone who’d listen, cartwheels, handstands and ballet. This went on past ten year’s old and late teens and I began to wish people would stop asking! I spent my later working decades cooking, nannying, wrote, illustrated and published a couple of books. I did all sorts and travelled widely. I felt something was missing.


Then one day at the age of 38 I thought I’d like to make mosaics, not sure why particularly, I had hardly ever seen a mosaic. I wasn’t even thinking if it as a game plan for employment and I left it at that.

A year later I left London and moved to North Yorkshire. I had to wait a couple of months for a new chef job to start and in the meantime I drove around the area just looking at what the land and villages had to offer. Beautiful county Yorkshire. 

I came to a village called Masham where there was a glass blowing studio.  On going in and asking if they had any spare offcuts of stained glass, bless them they gave me a whole 15 kilo bag full, for free! 


Manhandling this hugely heavy bag of glass in my car I took it home and spent hours going through the stunningly coloured, textured, opaque and transparent glass. Separating colours into cat litter trays, best option! and went from there.


In one week I made three large mosaics, about 30” across, a tree, a peacock and a fox. I took them to show my family. I remember the feeling of elation as my folks thought them pretty good and my dear Dad suggested a gallery to take them to. The gallery loved them and there they sold quite quickly. 

With my chef job starting I only managed to make a few mosaics, late in the evening and on weekends and still I loved to make them. It was like magic. I never draw an idea, I find it just comes together and hey presto another mosaic! 


I had spent two years in North Yorkshire when I met David. At the age of 40 we fell in love. David returned to the UK from where he had been living and working, managing a stud farm in Saudi Arabia and together we moved to where we are still living now, in The South Cotswolds. We live with our three English Pointers in a cottage with a pretty garden wherein I have my ‘Garden Studio’. Small but productive, filled with glass of all sorts, shells, stones, slate, silver charms, enamel flowers, china and pottery, it all happens in there.  I have a feral cat called Millie, she hangs off the door frame of the studio, desperate to come in but she can’t, too many shards of glass, she watches me while sitting on the window sill!


I have now been making mosaics for 15 years. Two years ago I decided that as much as I loved my then gardening job, I really wanted to focus on my art. Nothing worse then having to break off when I’m ‘on a roll’ and have to leave a project! In that time I have found myself quite prolific and immensely enjoying the process of creating mosaic art. I have taken the art form from indoor work to mosaicing pillars of slate suitable for the garden. It makes sense as I’m really an outdoors kind of person.  

I has been fascinating to watch how, with practice, everyday my art evolves. I have found my style so to speak, my colour combinations (until that particular glass in taken out of production.)

I am especially in love with dichroic glass. It has tremendous absorption of light, showing different colours when viewed from different angles. I am in love with it!


My plan for the future is to sell every piece I make! Make a living and carry on loving and being inspired with what I do.


What is dichroic Glass ?


The word dichroic comes from Greek meaning twice colour.

The glass is made of metals and oxides. The process turns into a sheet of glass which transmits shifting colours depending on the angle of view. This is my trademark material of choice.












Do you do commissions?


Yes, I do make commissions to order. Contact me either by telephone or email with ideas of size, subject, colours of glass. For garden or home, we can make a plan together.



What is your favourite piece to date?


I think my Deep Sighs, Pillar of Wisdom just has to be my most favourite mosaic to date. Having been a professional gardener in the past, mosaics in the garden really works for me. They change in different lights making the piece even more exciting.

Do you deliver internationally?


Yes I do deliver internationally. As yet my webite is set up for european deliveries only, just until I work out how to incorporate the customs tax due for the countires in question.  It won't take long! Customs tax which will be included in the overall price of each mosaic. 


The garden pillars are very heavy, hence currently collection only, except for one UK based delivery, which was pretty nerve wracking! Due to the nature of my work, the postal service will not let me insure them.



How long does delivey take?

UK deliveries take up to 5 working days and for abroad up to two weeks unless special delivery is requested.



What are your delivery options?


If you are local within an hours drive to Gloucestershire, U.K. I am very willing to hand deliver for a reasonable rate.

I mainly use the British postal service or Parcel Force.

Parcel Force needs to deliver into your hands as they will not 'leave in a safe place'.


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