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about me

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I was born in London during the 1960’s, growing up there and then following Dad after his divorce
from my mum, to various villages around London’s county borders.

A couple of boarding schools later took me past the formative years to “well what are you going
to do with your life?” The answer being a flat “I don't Know.” It was supposed that I would know
and it was suggested that I cooked for my living. Fine! I could cook as it came naturally to me but
definitely wasn’t something I could be passionate about. Over the next decades I had many jobs,
I was an nanny in London, a writer and illustrator, and a Gardner when I eventually moved out of
London. I travelled, crossed the Atlantic on a big boat and returned via New York. In fact travelled
on and off for three years.

I was really yearning for a profession I would be good at and enjoy and be passionate about. Until
one day, I heard a voice which said “Make mosaics.”

Within a year I kept meeting mosaic artists and was even gifted a large amount of glass when I left London after my last job ended. I finally made my first mosaic in North Yorkshire at the age of

So it took a while to find this particular talent where I could say to people that my hobby had
become my profession, and I truly am, passionate about glass. Its colour, vibrancy and my job.
The glass I most love to use is the bright,  intensely coloured Dichroic glass. Quite rare to use unfused, very expensive but so worth it. All the glass I use is opaque and either has an iridescent or opalescent sheen which is so affective and attractive in a mosaic.

With this glass I can make mosaic on tile or slate for the garden, on silver plate and metal for
jewellery and on wood for the home. Also the work the enjoy and value so much is to make
Crosses for churches and private homes.

I now work from my small home studio on the edge of Malmesbury. It is twenty years since I first
heard the words “Make Mosaics” and the time has flown by. I must be having fun!

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